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Ilona Kucała

I guarantee first positive results after few lessons!



Ilona Kucała

Hello! My name is Ilona Kucała and I am a qualified philologist with pedagogical training for whom passion and quality of teaching are the most vital values in education.

ILONA KUCAŁA E-LEARNING is a remote and convenient form of learning English. The courses are aimed at children as well as adults. The online lessons take place individually and are designed to meet clients needs. I offer lessons at every education level. Thanks to experience in teaching and the assistance of the newest technology I guarantee the success in learning English.

E-learning mixes traditional and modern styles of teaching. You do not have to buy English coursebooks, because I will share you the materials online! I base not only on virtual books, but also extra online materials such as songs, articles, video fragments, podcasts, etc. which without doubt diversify and enrich every lesson. Thanks to systematic study programme I effectively control your progress and develop your learning pathway. I will do my best for you so that you can memorise as much as possible and note your progress in as short time as possible.

I also offer mobile English lessons which are held in the place indicated by client.

I guarantee first positive results after few lessons!

Ilona Kucała E-learning
Ilona Kucała E-learning
  • Great way of teaching and very nice atmosphere. The variety of exercises and individual approach to client make learning English pleasant and you don't have to wait long for your progress! :)
    Betina G.
  • Ilona is a very good and professional teacher. Her teaching methods and approach to children make learning English easy and enjoyable. Children attend her lessons with pleasure. I am very satisfied with my daughter's school grades which are effects of Ilona's work.
    Monika Z.
    Student's mother
  • My daughter is taught by Ilona. She is professional and knowledgeable. I can see my daughter's progress after every lesson. I'm sure it's because of her personality, commitment and appropriate teaching methods. I recommend!
    Regina P.
    Student's mother
  • Ilona has enormous knowledge in the field of English. Thanks to her engagement and good approach to youth, every student is able to learn even the most difficult issues. English lessons are pleasure and fun!
    Nikola M.
    High school student

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